An animated documentary in the form of a travel journal. A girl, while being in love with a Palestinian boy, goes to Israel for the first time. Her simplified vision of the world and a desire to take sides in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is quickly confronted with the reality of living on the border of Sderot and the Gaza Strip.
2021 Festival de Cine Independiente de la Ciudad de México
2021 Kameralne Lato, Poland
2021 Cooper Awards
2021 V.I.Z. Film Fest (honorable mention)
2021 11th Supertoon International Animation and Comics Festival, Croatia
2021 OKFA, Konin, Poland
2021 MFF Nowe Horyzonty, Wroclaw, Poland
2021 40. Mlodzi i film, Koszalin, Poland
2021 Animator Festival, Poznan, Poland
2021 16th Athens Animfest Festival, Greece (international premiere)
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