When a girl meets her mirror reflection, unexpectedly her fears and insecurities about her body turn into a passionate and free self-exploration. Her fantasies come to life. But there’s also a darker side of this game. Is it possible to become united with your own self?
2023 AnimaKOM, Bilbao, Spain (Polish School of Animation: Female Heart section)
2023 Animafest Zagreb, Croatia (contemporary female animation section)
2022 ANIMAGE Festival, Brasil
2022 Węgiel Film Festival Student Market, Katowice
2021 CineMAiubit ISFF 2021, Bucharest, Romania
2021 Big Cartoon Festival 2021 / Moscow, Russia
2021 Pink Screens Brussels, Belgium
2021 16th Animest – Bucharest International Animation Film Festival
2021 filmPOLSKA, Berlin
2021 Ars Latrans Festival
2021 HER Docs, Warsaw
2021 Ars Independent Festival
2021 Mecal Pro, 23rd Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival
2021 Reykjavík Feminist Film Festival, Iceland
2020 Etiuda&Anima, Kraków, Poland
2020 Festiwal Kamera Akcja, Lodz, Poland
2020 Cinanima Animation Film Festival, Portugal
2020 Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece
2020 Bolton Film Festival, UK
2020 MFF Nowe Horyzonty, Wroclaw, Poland
2020 International Animated Film Festival Animator, Poznan, Poland
2020 Mlodzi i Film Festival, Koszalin, Poland
2020 Kameralne Lato Festival, Poland
2020 Kraków Film Festival, Poland
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