"Finished, it's finished, nearly finished, it must be nearly finished"
Samuel Beckett
In the purgatory there is a fight between two fencers who are endlessly stuck in their battle. Empty building, single tree and old walls covered with graffiti paintings. Animated homage to Samuel Beckett.
2022 3 in 1 Film Fest, 
2022 StopTrik, Slovenia&Poland (panorama)
2022 Festiwal Młodzi i Film, Koszalin, Poland (premiere)
cast Michal Siodla, Oktawian Jurczykowski
written and directed by Weronika Szyma
dop Thomas Gronenberg
edited by Filip Dziuba
music Damian Czajka
animation Weronika Szyma, Urszula Domanska
set designer Olga Michaluk
choreography by Witold Jurewicz
production manager Maria Waldowska
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