"Blue" is a story where time stretches. A mother and a daughter are trying to find their place after the father leaves. They spend time idly on a metaphorical empty beach. They fight their uncertainty and longing. The image of the sea comes back rhythmically. It is a promise of freedom but also a scary different world, far from the warm sand.
2024 KINOFilm Festival, Manchester
2024 Cinema Jove Valencia International Film Festival
2024 Leira Film Fest, Portugal (best international animated short award)
2024 21. Neisse Film Festival, Germany/Czech/Poland
2024 FiSH – Film festival in StadtHafen in Rostock, Germany (Young Baltic Cinema award)
2024 Athens Animfest
2023 Żubroffka, Białystok, Poland
2023 Euroshorts, Gdańsk, Poland
2023 Festiwal Kamera Akcja, Łódź, Poland
2023 DOK Leipzig, Germany (international premiere)
2023 Młodzi i Film, Koszalin, Poland (Polish premiere)
written and directed by
Weronika Szyma

Weronika Szyma

artistic supervision
Piotr Milczarek

edited by
Filip Dziuba

sound by
Tomasz Sierpiński (Beat Shop Studio Dźwiękowe)

production managers
Maria Deskur
Piotr Furmankiewicz

Piotr Furmankiewicz
Mateusz Michalak

Weronika Szyma

© 2023 FUMI Studio, Weronika Szyma
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